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Forms of Payment:
PayPal Only

Please take note that prices depend on where I can get some of my items. I will try to my best to keep the prices in the same price range.
All prices are in USD.
Prices does not include shipping and handling. Shipping and handling: $1 to US, Canada and $1.50 elswhere.

Shipping Times/Batches:
I have things shipped through my mom in the US to save on shipping.
2nd or 3rd week of January
1st or 2nd week of April (If I go to the US for summer vacation)
1st or 2nd week of June (If I stay in the Philippines for summer vacation)
Some time in October or November (Depends on when or if my mom comes here for my semester break)

Shipping Disclaimer:
I am not responsible for any lost or damaged items or packages.

Contact Information:
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Credit for contact table: krazy_kt

userinfoBabyBinky33 --> Main LJ

MySpace IM:
Send me an IM!

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